On the spur of the moment, the roadtrippers make tracks on their longest car ride yet. A 700+
mile drive to the country music capital of the world to see their beloved Bills in a playoff battle
with the Titans. It would certainly be a day we would never forget whether we wanted to or not.

Sitting on the banks of the Cumberland River across from the beautiful, sparkling skyline of
downtown Nashville, Adelphia Coliseum is a beautiful 67,000 seat open air staduim with
natural grass. It opened in 1999 as the permanent home of the Tennessee Titans after the
team had wandered its way east from Houston, with temporary stops in Memphis and across
town in Nashville at Vanderbilt Stadium.The facility is also home to Tennessee State football
and each year hosts the Music City Bowl game.

The team had struggled to draw fans while in their temporary homes and it was becoming a
real uncertainty as to whether the "Oilers" were going to be a big draw in their new home. But
as the famous line goes "if you build it, they will come" and come in droves they have as
Nashville has fallen head over heels for their Titans and the Coliseum has quickly gained a
reputation for having one of the loudest and most enthusiastic game day astmopheres in the
NFL. With the arrival of the NFL postseason at hand our day at Adelphia was certainly no

The Bowl
Like many of today's newer NFL facilities the seating area is split into three levels, a lower
level, a restricted club level, and an upper level. There are suites located on the sidelines atop
the lower and club levels. The pitch of the seating area is as steep as anyplace we have seen
so the fans may be up a bit high but yet they are also right on top of the action helping to
create a noisy atmosphere. In each end zone you will find a giant Jumbotron overlooking the
field as well as a plaza at the top of the seating area where fans at the game can hang out
and catch a different view of the game as well as grab some food and drink from a few of the
60 concession stands that dot the entire facility.

The Concourses
Underneath the seating bowl you will see wide concourses with a wide variety of food and
drink along with plenty of areas to find your favorite Titans jersey. Of course we didn't sample
much of what they had to eat because we were afraid to have the urge to use the restrooms.
There was a complete lack of facilities for the male gender and the lines for those facilities
were in place for the duration of the afternoon.There is a main team store that is accessible
from inside as well as outside the facility also open during non-game days. This venue had
escalators for access to the club level only. So if you had upper level seats it was a long walk
up the ramps, that being said some parts of those ramps had overlooking views of the action
on one side and the Nashville skyline from others - not too shabby!!!

Extra Points
We had some time to spare in Nashville and there were some great spots to hit. Second
Street is filled with plenty of restaurants, entertainment areas, and shop for all to enjoy. Our
favorite being a sports bar called 2nd and Goal owned by now former Titans kicker AL DEL
GRECO. This was just one of many choices in the downtown area - much more action can be
found around the corner on Broadway near the arena.

This day provided us with what will likely go down as the most memorable sporting event we
will ever see, Ultimate Sports Road Trip event or otherwise. The "Music City Miracle" ripped
the heart right out of us and helped to put an enormous damper on the weekend. That
moment alone probably was enough to take this venue off our list of favorites even though this
place is spectacular. That being said, Nashville is a wonderful city that we enjoyed thoroughly
and we had nothing but a great time otherwise. We'd have no problems coming back if
another major franchise makes its way here.

Architecture: 6.5
Food and team store 7
Scoreboard and electronics 5
Ushers 5
Fan support 8
Location and neighborhood 9.5
Banners and history 4
In game entertainment 5
Concourses/fan comfort 5
Bonus: Tailgate scene 2.5,  Downtown Nashville 1, Music City Miracle/Forward Lateral (-1)
Total 57.5
Nissan Stadium



January 8,

at Tennessee
(AFC wild
card playoffs)

LP Field

May, 2006


May, 2015