Quebec Major Junior Hockey League
Centre Robert Guertin
Gatineau, Quebec
Gatineau Olympiques                                                                                  
USRT VISIT: January, 2007

Set right across the river from the Canadian Parliament in Ville
Gatineau, this small and frumpy arena is kind of like your
neighborhood rink, tucked into a residential neighborhood
with nothing but houses, mid rise apartments and ample parking
outside. But step inside and you can feel the electricity, like a switch
that has been turned on. Passionate fans who know and love their
hockey, awesome memorabilia and exhibits in the cramped
hallways, a stupendous seating bowl with a steep vertical rise
which puts fans on top of the action, and check the banners
hanging in the rafters and you'll see that some of the NHL's all time
best either played or coached here. Oh..and try the poutine, fries
with gravy and melted cheese curds.... Yumi!
Centre Gervais Auto
Shawinigan, Quebec
Shawinigan Cataractes                                                                                
USRT VISIT: Febuary, 2014

In some communities it could all be called politically incorrect, but
here in Shawinigan, just north of Trois Rivieres, the town is close
enough to cherokee and aboriginal populations to appreciate all the
native references. The mascot, the murals, the free hanging mean
looking Indian all scream natives, yet the language of the venue is
still all French. It is a clea, modern and sparkling venue with a
brightly lit seating bowl.
Colisee Desjardins
Victoriaville, Quebec
Victoriaville Tigres                                                                                         
USRT VISIT: Febuary, 2014

The entire arena screams "Gilbert Perreault", who was the greatest
player to ever come from th region, having a  stellar career with the
NHL Buffalo Sabres. The arena bowl is named after him, there are
exhibits and murals in the tight and old school concourses which
wrap around the upper part of the seating area. The arena sits in
the center of a small and intimate downtown core.
Le Colisee Pepsi  
Quebec City, Quebec
Quebec Remparts                                                                                   
USRT VISIT: Febuary, 2014

Built in 1949, this is the former home of the NHL Quebec
Nordiques, and that history and tradition oozes everywhere in the
arena, from the banners in the rafters that showcase all the
greatness of Quebec City hockey, to the ample displays in the
concourses. The arena has a maze of ramps and concourses,
concession points of sale in every nook and cranny, and the
vertical ptch of the seats in the balcony put fans right on top of the
action. A new NHL ready building named Quebecor Arena is going
up right nxet door
The Colisee
Lewiston, Maine
Lewiston  Maineiacs    
USRT VISIT: Feburary, 2005

The Quebec leagues' lone US team has a decidedly French
Canadian feel to it, complete with many Francophone players, "Oh
Canada" performed in two languages, and French music
blaring whenever the home team scores a goal. Lewiston is your
typical Americana small town, where the church spires make for
the tallest structure in the city, and The Colisee is one of the
anchors of community social life. This 50s era venue has
undergone a recent facelift, with new club lounge and food court
areas, but the ice level concourse is shared by fans,
players, officials and zamboni all competing for space.  Of course,
we have to mention this building's shining moment in history - this
was the site of the second Muhammad Ali/Sonny Liston
heavyweight title fight.
Verdun Auditorium
Montreal, Quebec
Montreal Juniors                                                                                  
USRT VISIT: November, 2008

You will find the old Verdun Auditorium well outside of the
downtown Montreal core, in the borough of Verdun, nonetheless
easily accessible off the Metro at the Del Eglise station.
Once here, you will find a stately, yet well maintained 4000 seat
arena built in the late 30s, with a separate community rink built
right into the complex. The lacquered wooden chairs in the seating
bowl are all two seaters, and they beam video footage right onto
the ice rather than on the scoreboard. The Montreal Juniors are the
latest incarnation of QMJHL hockey here in this city, this franchise
relocated from Newfoundland for the 2008 season. This facility is
also used as a practice rink by the NHL Montreal Canadiens.