After spending the afternoon at the Staples Center, we headed south 25 miles to check out the Arrowhead
Pond. Little did we know it then, but we would be in for a treat.

"The Pond" is located right in Anaheim, not far from Disneyland and Edison Field. The adjoining neighborhood
looks a lot like an upscale suburb, and even with large surface lots, one can walk across the highway to any
one of numerous restaurants and sports pubs which are a stones throw from the complex.

The architecture of this building is magnificent, with a brick facade, accent flood lighting and sweeping arches
which form each of its entrances. Add the beautiful landscaping, palm trees, all attractively lit at night, and you
have the setting for a beautiful venue.

It gets better once you walk inside. All the concourses are richly appointed in soft lighting, concession stands
and marquees carved with a wood veneer, and marble tiled floors all laid out in a colorful mosaic. Just to
demonstrate how no expense was spared here, even the stairwells to the upper levels are tiled, ceilinged,
painted and decorated - a far cry from our HSBC Arena, where stairwells are nothing more than exposed pipes
and grey cement. One deduction point though - not a single escalator in the place - you sit upstairs - you got
hoof it!

Along the main concourse is a large team store.

The bowl
Like most of the newer arenas, this one is laid out into four levels - the lowers, clubs, suites and upper levels.
All seats are colored in a deep wine red, almost copper color, and in the center is a four sided scoreboard with
video boards. Statistic panels hang from the rafter in the upper end zones.

Andrew liked the churros, priced at a buck. There is a huge food selection and drink selection as well for any

Banners/retired numbers
No titles, no retirements yet, and thankfully, NO silly 6th man or attendance banners which seem to be all the
rage among expansion teams which feel they have to hang something to feel good about themselves. HOORAY

Not the best hockey experience - the team is kind of bad, and our Sabres pummeled the Ducks on this night.
But definitely one of the more attractive buildings in the NHL and a place you gotta come and see.

Architecture 8
Food and team store 6
Scoreboard and electronics 4
Ushers 3
Fan support 4.5
Location and neighborhood 4
Banners and history 5
In game entertainment 6
Concourses/fan comfort 8
Bonus: Disney video clips 2
Total 50.5
Honda Center



January 17,
Buffalo Sabres
at Mighty
Ducks of