Imagine traveling to every big league city in the United States and
Canada and attending a home game of every team. All 30 Major
League baseball parks. Every National Football League Stadium. All
the big arenas that house NBA and NHL teams. Think about
tailgating at the venues, checking out the local sports museums and
shrines, hanging out at cool sports pubs and eateries, and
sightseeing all around town.

Picture meeting officials, athletes and VIPs from the sports teams.
And getting the celebrity treatment, including invites in the media.
Think about making friends all across the country.

For two best friends from Buffalo, New York, this has been the sports
lovers' adventure of a lifetime. We started hitting the road in 1998,
and hit the finish line in December, 2002 at Ford Field in Detroit. At
the time 121 teams playing in 102 different venues in 49 different

But the Ultimate Sports Road Trip is a journey that has no
conclusion. As new venues in the four major sports are replaced, we
head back to check them out. Minor league baseball and hockey,
college football and college basketball games are also in the plans.

Check out all the cool features on this site... profiles of all the teams,
lots of pictures and OUR rankings on the best and worst places to
attend a game. Link onto our blog and check for news and updates
and join in on the discussion. Enjoy!
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Artvoice (column archives linked
"Puck Stop"
-covering the Buffalo Sabres
"Play Ball"
-covering the Buffalo Bisons
This all began down in Tampa, Florida back in 1999 when we were down there
attending the NHL All Star Game. Over beer and wings, we started posing the idea
of going to all 30 hockey arenas.

Then baseball was added. We started putting together the list. The beers flowed,
and so did the ideas, and by the end of the evening we had flipped over those place
mats on the tables, and had scrawled out a list of arenas and stadiums and teams
for all the four major sports. The Ultimate Sports Road Trip was hatched! Our rules
were simple... we had to attend a home game of EACH of the 121 teams in their
current and active venue. So as teams moved to new digs, or in a couple cases,
relocated, we had to go back. When we hit the finish line at 121, it would be all the
teams in their current venues.

And since new venues are still opening and being built, (and a 122nd team was
added when the NBA expanded) we go back to make an official visit, so the list will
always be complete and up to date.

Check out the links on the right- an official road trip log listing all the official stops
from beginning to end, and also a couple of memorable photo pages - the first a
recap of the 121st and final stop at Ford Field in Detroit, and the second, a "great
moments" page, showcasing some of the big moments on our tour.
The next
"official" stop -

October 9, 2016


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122 Teams. 107 Venues. 51 Cities. 4 Sports.
11/08 - Peter and Andrew at the CFL Grey Cup game in Montreal